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My Food Filled Journey

I grew up on a small hobby farm on the back roads of small town Minnesota  I grew up from a very hardworking family that somehow managed to still have time to grow a large garden every summer and also have our own animals such as pigs, cows and chickens to feed us throughout the year.  Hunting and fishing also came into account to help food stretch 365 days for our family of 6.  Being fortunate and abundant with the fresh meats and produce that brings farm to table to a whole new level only made my love for cooking grow.  I am the youngest of 4 siblings and we were lucky to no matter what always have a fresh, home-cooked meal on the table every single night.  I have been in the kitchen probably since before I could even walk or talk.  Most pictures of me as a child were filled with flour, food and smiles.  My mom taught me the values of having the fresh foods all around us and taught me how to cook anything from Alfredo all the way to canning our own vegetables and fruits to keep all throughout the year.  My mother was always so creative with food and was always willing to try new things and expand her knowledge; so we became very creative and adverse with some of the foods we ate.  Throughout high school I ended up going post secondary towards my junior and senior year to study Business, Management, Marketing, and Sales.  After high school I decided to pursue cooking and went to a small culinary school in Northern Minnesota- 3 hours away from where I grew up.  I enjoyed my experience but I felt like I wanted more from it so I am constantly researching and creating new recipes and expanding my culinary world knowledge.  In December of 2022 I opened up my first restaurant at age 22. I have loved learning the ins and outs of my first hands-on business experience that has driven my passion even further.  I never want to stop learning about food as my love for it grows with every bite I take. I am very excited to share my homegrown cooking with others and hope my recipes give you the same nostalgic and home-cooked love that they give me.

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